Territory Layout

The Layout of the Territory

The territory described as section 13 and 24; in Town 2, North, Range10 East, in Rock County, Wisconsin, part of Spring Valley Township, was laid out in 1855. The first to settle was Mrs. Elizabeth Gifford, along with "The Gifford Boys", Joseph, Benjamin, and James Gifford. Many others who took active part in the early social and religious life of the village settled in the surrounding area. Among the early settlers were many Scandinavians. Some of the earliest to come from Norway to the vicinity were Mr. Gulock and Mr. Migstue. There were also the Brunsvolds, Gaarders, Fossums, E.N. Haugen, and others. 

Mr. Daniel Mowe Sr. wanted to name the territory Moweville, and Mr. Clark wished to name the territory Clarksville. The surveyor, Mr. J.T. Dodge suggested calling it "Orford", which was a town he was familiar with in New Hampshire. The railroad station in town was also called Orford. 

The name of the post office, which was established in 1857, was called the "Orfordville Post Office," named by John N. Palmer from Orfordville, New Hampshire. After the post office was established, there was so much confusion getting the mail mixed with Oxford, Wisconsin, that the postmaster suggested changing the name of the territory to Orfordville. Newly appointed postmaster Charles Taylor requested the railroad to rename the railroad station to Orfordville as well. 

About Us

Welcome to Orfordville where you will find friendly people in a growing community with a small town atmosphere. Orfordville is a pleasant village of 1456 people who take pride in their community. You will find affordable housing that is conveniently located close to Beloit, Janesville, Madison, and Monroe. Whether you are retired, or raising a family, Orfordville is a great community to live.

IMPORTANT DATES/EVENTS                                       

July 19, 2018  The Jug Band Performance downtown on The Patio

August 14, 2018  Fall Primary Election

August 18, 2018  Bike Rodeo at Orfordville Fire Department

August 25, 2018  Dedication of The Patio downtown                                                                                                                                                   

September 22 & 23   Airing of The Quilts at The Sassy Farm Chicks